This is a collection of motions, briefs, notices, etc. that are in .rtf format that you can use to get ideas as to what to do next or how to do a retaliatory strike on a judge or a prosecutor who have done you wrong. I call this collection Remediesssss for Injusticcccce! (That's supposed to represent an echo.) This collection includes:


1. An appeal brief that won a complete reversal on the no waiver of counsel, no assistance of counsel issue.
2. A notice of appeal and designation of record.
3. An objection to the prosecutor utilizing portions of record that he failed to designate according to the rules. We tricked him. We just designated what we wanted. I guess he was to busy doing plea bargains to notice.
4. A motion for free transcript and non-payment of docket fee that was granted.
5. Statistics on how many cases are heard a year and how many are appealed. You'll be surprised.
6. A motion for court to issue a show cause order against a prosecutor for contempt; an asseveration in support of motion; a memorandum in support.
7. Criminal complaints against judges, court clerks, and prosecutors. A sample summons. A constructive notice sent to a judge about to conspire to committ a crime with a prosecutor.
8. A motion to dismiss for denial of equal protection under the law because they refused to prosecute the judges, prosecutors, and court clerks.
9. Sample statutes showing what crimes you can charge them with.
10. After the DA commits crimes on your case and you accuse him, he has an interest in your case and there is a basis for disqualifying him. Three motions to disqualify the DA.
11. Sample Motions for bills of particulars that lay the ground work for filing a complaint seeking an extraordinary writ.
12. Complaints for writ of prohibition including supporting motions such as motion to certify the record and motion for stay of proceedings in the lower court.
13. Cases on the pleas of auterfoits attaint, auterfoits convict, and auterfoits convict.
14. A cool notice of judicial misconduct that applies Biblical principles and absolutely turned a judge around and turned him into an impartial judge. I won the case on the facts, to the astonishment of the State Patrol Captain and Sergeant who came to watch me humiliate their cohort in crime.
15. Motion to stay the proceedings in the lower court.
16. A motion to strike the DA's motion because it fails to follow the rules.
17. Motions to overturn convictions as having been obtained in violation of the federal or state constitutions or laws.
18. There 4-5 motions for discovery sanctions for failure to comply with criminal discovery rules. One sanction that has successfully been obtained is the dismissal two charges for failure of the prosecutor to comply with discovery rules.
19. Gerry Spence says, and I agree, that there is no point trying to make your point to a biased judge. He's got to get off of the case. These motions show how.
20. Sample notice to set. Did you know that some courts require you to follow a set procedure to set a hearing on your motion? There's a sample form we use in Colorado.

Warning: The only jurisdiction these motions may be used in without being customized is Colorado.

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