How to Hold IRS’ Constitutional Violations over IRS Personnel’s Head & Control Their Behavior

It took me a long time to collect together all this "due process" research. Most of the people who need this are dealing with the #1 depriver of due process in the world, the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998 § 1203 provides that the Commissioner of Internal Revenue shall terminate the employment of any employee of the Internal Revenue Service if there is a final administrative or judicial determination that such employee committed any act or omission described under subsection (b) in the performance of the employee's official duties. Such termination shall be a removal for cause on charges of misconduct. Included in subsection (b) of that act...the violation of any right under the Constitution of the United States. By passing this Act, Congress gave us a tremendous lever to use against IRS personnel, the threat of the loss of their job. However, that lever can only be utilized by those who have knowledge of what those rights are and can enunciate them in such a way that they cannot be easily brushed off. This can only be accomplished by extensive personal research, or, by reading the quotes collected in the 34.5 pages of notes included in this package. When you start reciting Supreme Court decisions to IRS personnel demonstrating you know your rights better than they do and show that you know that your knowledge combined with their rights violations threatens their job it will give them the hibbie jeebies. They will treat you the way you deserve to be treated when they see that you hold their livelihood in your hand. I encourage you to get this package, and empower yourself when dealing with the IRS.

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